About Us

Meet the Team

Rego Communications has experienced engineers and professionals with technical knowledge and expertise to provide total end-to-end enterprise business solutions, backed by efficient support staff. Its team of professionals with in-depth product knowledge, reliability and efficiency gives Rego Communications the competitive edge to be the ideal partner in meeting its customers’ systems integration needs.


To provide reliable high speed infrastructure with value added services so that our partners can provide quality and convenient services to their customers.


Working relentlessly for a prosperous Bangladesh with uninterrupted high-speed connectivity

Our Values

  • Reliability - We promise to provide interruption free connectivity through our redundancy channels.
  • Convenience –We offer variety of connectivity options including wired, cable and triple play.
  • Providing Extra - We not only provide connectivity we provide a number of value added services that makes life easier.
  • Customer Orientation - We seek to serve not only to sell. We are always at arm’s length to help our customers.

Brand Promise

“Continuous, High Speed, Convenient Connectivity”

Our History

REGO Communications is the newest addition to Mir Group, a conglomerate, which has a strong legacy behind and dynamic visions for the future. Mir has continuously envisioned providing quality experiences for its customers and coming up with complete solutions. Due to the absence of quality and trust in relevant industries Mir AkhterHossain LTD., formed in 1968, a forerunner construction company of the country started to enter new ventures like- Mir Cement Ltd., Mir Concrete Products Ltd., Mir Real Estate Ltd., and emerged as Mir Group. With the advance of time, Mir Group became an important part of the country’s landmark projects. Today it stands as a pillar of the country’s construction industry.

Mir Group entered a new era with the initiation of Mir Telecom in 2008. Mir Power Ltd., Ergo Ventures Ltd. and Rego Communications Ltd. followed. Today, Mir Group aspires to provide complete technology solutions to its customers. The name Mir has managed to maintain the value of honesty and integrity intact for the last 45 years. Now with a further enriched value system of innovation, speed and excellence, each company of Mir Group is working relentlessly to provide better service to its customers. We promise our customers that quality will never be compromised in our products and services, while we work our way to the future.

As uninterrupted high-speed internet connectivity is today’s ultimate need, REGO Communications brings in state of the art technology, advance network design and, dedicated and energetic team to serve this need. REGO believes constant high-speed connectivity is the path to future and wants to bring the connectivity of future to this country.

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